Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hi from NJ

My name is Laura, and I'm a fiberholic. It all started with a black lace mohair sweater 17 years ago, and I started really knitting heavily about 8 years ago. At first it was just socially -- I'd knit a little when I got home from work, maybe some on the weekends. Then I started knitting on the way to and from work. Next thing you know, I'm weaving. It seemed like I could control it at the time. Then a friend introduced me to the drop spindle. I've been hooked on spinning since. I've even made a few spindles on my own in the basement. My husband got me a Babe spinning wheel two years ago (he's an enabler), and for a while I spun all the time. Then I got pregnant and had to quit because everything made me nauseous. But now that the baby's born I've taken up the habit again and I'm happy to be off the wagon. I'm looking forward to being someone's "dealer" -- I love both giving and receiving happy surprises.


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