Thursday, August 31, 2006

hello all

hi folks. i'm meera and my blog is here. i've been spinning for 2 years and my first wheel was a Louet s10 (still my sentimental favorite). i also have a Louet s75 special edition, and an Ashford Joy for all the travelling i haven't done yet (just an excuse to get another wheel). i am probably the only person in the known spinning world who does not like spinning on a Lendrum.

i've been interested in spinning for years because i have a keeshond dog and thought (and read) that spinning her fur would be a good thing to do, to make warm mittens, scarves and hats. finally 2 years ago, i learned to drop spindle at Rhinebeck and the wheel collecting began. as for the dog yarn, alas, i am too late as she is in her last days and now is not the time for me to brush her vigorously to get all that luscious kee-fur.

i'm so happy to have found this swap as i have an abundance of roving, and i dye my own, so it's always a pleasure to share. if you're my swap pal and have color preferences please let me know.


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