Saturday, September 02, 2006

Excited for my first swap!


I just thought I would take the time to introduce myself this morning. I'm Tamara from Spincerely Yours (and from Connecticut). I'm a very new blogger but not-so-new -anymore spinner. I've been spinning for about 4 years, I think? I learned to spin from my sister and from Jenny at Spinny Spider Jenny.

Since I started blogging a couple of months ago I have joined a few things like Sexy Knitters Club and Sock Wars, but I'm really excited to be joining something that has under 100 members! Maybe this way, I'll have a chance to remember who everyone is:) I also saw the link to this swap at Theresa's blog.

I learned to spin on a drop spindle, then on a borrowed Louet. I now own a Kromski Minstrel (and I noticed that I'm not the only one?). I really like her - she fits in our home just like a piece of furniture so I can leave her whereever and my husband doesn't complain:) I have one spinning claim to fame and that is that last summer at Adams Farm in Vermont I won the gold ribbon in the Spinning Olympics! That was fun!

For the new spinners out there - if you don't already subscribe to this online magazine, Spindlicity, check it out - the new issue that just came out is just for you!

I'm looking forward to trying to figure out what my swap partner will like and finding the right thing! What can be more fun that shopping for fiber?

Have a great weekend!


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