Friday, September 01, 2006

Under the wire...

Whew, I just barely made it in the door, thanks to a post at Theresa's blog!
I live in Alaska, and I started spinning on a handspindle during the past spring ("breakup," we call it here - or Mud Season.) I carried the dang thing around so much, my husband decided I needed a wheel (I hadn't dared think that far) and he started bringing home information printed off the internet about various brands and styles of wheels! (Seems I have a wanna-be fiber-fiend on my hands...)
Anyway, "Tenar" arrived safely in mid-June, and there's been no looking back since. She is a sturdy little Kromski Minstrel, double treadled and set up for double-drive, and I couldn't ask for a better wheel (but I'm fairly certain I'll add a second one in a few years.)
So I'm still a wet-behind-the-ears spinner, almost entirely self-taught (I've seen two people spinning, and got to try a Babe wheel once.) Because I have spun thin, even yarn from the start, I've been called a "freak-of-nature spinner," and it's also been suggested I was a masterful spinner in a past lifetime...! Well, I don't know about all that, but I do find spinning to be a balm, and practicing is always a pleasure. I'm looking forward to this swap because I'm interested in what other spinners are doing, and what fibers they like best.


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