Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello from the Chicago 'Burbs

I guess Theresa is in Chicago proper. I live out in the suburbs, which puts me a lot closer drive to The Fold a pretty cool store. A friend of mine who blogs as rocketsc1ent1st is responsible for my latest hobby. In July she came up from Texas to visit, only partially because she adopted a Cardigan Welsh Corgi from me.... the other reason was to go yarn and fiber shopping at The Fold!

I bought a Knundert spindle there, and have been addicted ever since. To dispose of the yarn I've made I have started loom knitting, because I intensely dislike knitting needles. I'm left-handed, and trying to figure out right-handed "how to knit" directions never worked, and it was just too frustrating. I tolerate crochet but never got into it in a large way either. The loom knitting is perfect for me. 4oz of my handspun fiber loom knits into the perfect length of scarf!

I'm also a hybrid of chemical and mechanical engineer and I've been fiddling with a couple of yarn winding inventions also. My boyfriend has the patience of a saint whenI have washers, nuts and bolts strewn about the family room floor. I may make my own spinning wheel in a completely unorthodox fashion, that's even wierder than the Babe's, but until I get it debugged I'm quite happy spindling.

Here are the sucessful projects I've done so far.... (I haven't taken pictures of the unsucessful ones!)

A.J. a.k.a BannaOj a.k.a. Anna Jo


Blogger Katy said...

Hi from Chicago!

If you are interested in spinning with others, the Windy City Spinning Guild meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Portage Park Center for the Arts in Chicago. Our Yahoo! Group is:

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