Saturday, September 02, 2006

Excited too...

Hi everyone!

My name is Lisa but you'll usually find me online under the name stitch-dom (as in kingdom, not "stitch-dominant" which didn't occur to me until later ;-) ). I have been spinning since April when I decided that not being able to get the colours I wanted comercially that it would be better to dye my own. I tried dying some commercial yarn but found the whole experience kind of lacking in satisfaction.

I realized that I'm a process rather than product person...I love getting the raw product and bringing it to the point of being yarn. If I'm really lucky (and on holidays) I actually get a finished knitted product!

I purchased a couple of cheap student spindles and was addicted pretty quickly. That led to the purchase of an Ashford Joy (single it). I recently tried out a Majacraft Gem I'm doing that pingpong back and forth between really-want-it and don't-need-it and ouch-that's-expensive.

I'm in Ottawa, Ontario and this is my first fiber swap and I'm totally thrilled to have found this before it closed and I look forward to getting to know everyone as it goes along.

Thanks to the organizers for setting this up!

Happy spinning.



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