Monday, October 09, 2006

Whee! Thanks to Jeanne...

Here is a photo of the package I received from Jeanne.

The roving is alpaca in three natural colors, and should spin up beautifully. The pattern is on for socks with a Gansey design, which is something I hadn't thought of doing but I like the idea. Certainly should be easier than fair isle. And the handmade brooch is in the shape of a sheep, fastening with a long straight pin that makes it perfectly suitable for a kilt pin. I've wanted to weave myself a kilt for a long time, so this may be the right inspiration. There was also a bar of dark chocolate, which matched the alpaca beautifully and really did survive long enough to be in the photo but slipped down under where you can't see it. (Honest.) Thanks, Jeanne!


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