Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Package going out tomorrow

My pal had indicated she'd like a particular sort fo warm fibre which I am unfortunately not able to get my hands on. I hope this is acceptable instead. In terms of warmth and softness, thsi should be just as warm and as soft, just not as fuzzy.

On the left is 100g of baby alpaca fleece. I have spun some of this myself, and my, oh my, it does come out fine and soft. The fibre on the right is 50g of camel top. It's lovely and soft but I have not tried spinning it so I can only hope it spins as beautifully as it feels.

The pattern I am including is one of the Margaret Stove pattern sheets. It has 3 patterns for lace scarves on it and is called "Luxury Lace Scarves".

Pal, it's on it's way to you. I hope you like it!


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