Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It came,it's here and it's all mine!!

I got my Parcel today!! And it is more then I could have imagined!! The roving is such a delicious color I love it and the Spindle...I don't know what to say about the spindle. I never seen anything like it. It I ceramic and blue (favourite color) and just awesome. I am so going to spin my heart out with that little beauty. The Magazine is terrific and i am drooling over everything in that as well. And thank you Beth for all the other little goodies as well!! Although not sure about the Witch...maybe you know me better then I think...lololo. She is very cute though. My Swap Partner was Beth and she surprised me and surpassed herself no end!!
I just hope my Swap girly will enjoy her gifty's as much as I do mine. She will have to wait a little while longer as i am getting her things on the weekend..so please be patient.
I will post pictures in my Blog later....www.fromthesheepsback.com...I have to come back down to earth first!!!!!!!!!


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