Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I got my Package!!!

Thank you Cayli of Spin Yarn for Ewe, who was my pal for the lovely package. I love everything in it. The package actually arrived on Friday, but unfortunately no one was home to recieve it, and due to prior committments I could not pick it up on Saturday. So it spent the whole weekend at the Post Office alone, with no one to admire its fibery goodness. But all is well now and is being duly admired.

Its funny because I saw the blue fiber on you blog and immediately liked it. In fact I thought to myself that it had to be for me, because of what was said and that fact that I like the color blue. I don' t have any pictures yet but I am working on it. As for me my package is just about ready to be sent, probably by the end of the week. I enjoyed this swap!

Everybody have a great evening!


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