Monday, September 25, 2006

Three Cheers for Spinning Dervish!

I received my package today!

As teh mailman entered the building @ work, I knew the box in his hand was for me...I just KNEW it :) I started dancing around and got the box cutter out before he even got up to my desk! I think he thought I was a I was just so excited to explore the fibery goodness I knew would be inside!

I got two different shades of luscious brown alpaca fiber and a bit of fawn colored suri-alpaca...the stuff is just HEAVENLY...I've been wanting to try spinning alpaca since I first started spinning and now I get the chance :) I just KNOW it's going to be like butter...the roving is so soft and easily pliable and just begs to be spun up.

Alas...all my spindles are in use! *gasp* I've been spinning my wool/opossum blend all night, trying to finish it off so I can get that off my favorite spindle, the Lionheart, and get some alpaca in the works....*drool*

I also got some stitch markers with beautiful beads on them, three patterns, some Wizard of Oz bookplates, tea, taffy and her son put a hacky sack in the package for my son :D It's just the box that keeps on giving for everyone in the family, lol.

I am working on my secret pal's box...never fear, secret pal! I haven't forgotten about you! I just want to make sure your box is a wonderful experience for you and you love it as much as I love the box I got :)

Thank you again, Spinning Dervish, you've made this swapper's week :)



Blogger Spinning Dervish said...


I'm so glad that you liked the fiber! Did I mention that I, ahem, got some for myself too? It was fun going out to the farm to buy it and to meet the "donors" in person! Happy spinning!

9/26/2006 9:26 AM  

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