Monday, October 30, 2006


Spinning Roving Loot

Above is my loot from the wonderful Chante of Harlem Purls! After some fun with the post office [sometimes they "attempt" to deliver by not bothering to knock on my door and then when we went to the PO on Saturday to pick up the box they had misplaced it] my goodies arrived this morning. Boy, did I ever get spoiled! For starters, a copy of Spin -Off with an article about beading yarns in it. I happen to have this copy on loan from someone and was lamenting the fact that I'd have to give it back. Now I have my own to keep! Then, we have 7 packets of acid dyes, two shades each of red, blue and yellow [one warm and one cool] and a packet of black. There's a nifty like wpi gauge which is good since I've been using the handle of a baby spoon. This is much more convenient.

As to the fiber she sent, be prepared to be jealous. There's 4 ounces colonial wool in navy which has a lot of depth to it. There's also 1 1/2 ounces of BFL ready to be dyed with my new dyes. And finally, there's 2 ounces of a super super soft merino/cashmere blend. It's absolutely wonderful!

As you can see, there's one more item in the package. A skein of Socks that Rock yarn! It's so sproingy and wonderful. I can't thank Chante enough, everything she sent to me is fabulous!


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