Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm a spaz

I'd like to thank Melinda for my excellent swap package (which I got on Halloween, but totally forgot to post over here).

A picture:

What you're seeing there: Knitscene with many patterns in it (specifically marked by Melinda as to which she thought would work well with handspun), a Schact spindle and spindle bag, lambswool that Melinda hand-dyed with Kool-Aid (the roving that looks like a rainbow), a merino/tussah blend (the mostly purple roving), a crocheted pin that will look great on one of the patterns in the Knitscene, handmade stitch markers (leopard print), Halloween Peeps, and chocolate.

And lest I forget, the box that it all came in which was beautifully decorated and which my cat, Joe, has made into his new bed:

This was a wonderful package from start to finish. Thanks, Melinda, for making my introduction into spinning so great. :)


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